Step 1.

Go to “Settings” > “Network Settings”.

Step 2.

Now select “Internet Connection Settings”.

Step 3.

Select “Yes” when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet.

Step 4.

Select “Custom” and go to “DNS Settings”. Then select “Manual”.

Step 5.

You will need to add our DNS addresses. Type in the address to the uFlix DNS server closest to your location in the “Primary” field. Type in the address to the second-closest uFlix DNS server in the “Secondary” field. Click here for our DNS server list.

Step 6.

Save these settings.

Step 7.

Restart your device.

Step 8.

You can now go to the PSN store and install the Netflix and Hulu Plus apps. If these apps do not appear, please read on. If you are able to install them then you have finished.

Step 9.

You will need to start a new Playstation user account. Once you have set up this user account you need to log in as that user.

Step 10.

You will need to set up a new PSN account. When setting up, you will need to select “United States” as your location/region. You will also need a valid US address. If you don’t have friends or family living in the USA who are happy to let you use their address, you can try inputting the address of a local business, such as a hotel located in the USA.

Step 11.

Restart your device and go to step 8.

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