Step 1.

Go to “Setup” > “Network Settings” and select “Network Setup”.

Step 2.

Select the type of internet connection you are using for your WDTV Live player.

Step 3.

Now to go “Select Connection Mode” and then select “Manual”.

Step 4.

Go down to the “DNS” field and enter a uFlix DNS server IP address. You can view our DNS server list on this page. Please use the IP of the closest DNS server to your location.

Step 5.

Select “Finish”.

Step 6.

Restart your WDTV Live player.

Step 7.

Go to “Setup” > “System” and then select “Set Time & Country”.

Step 8.

Now go to “Reset Location” and select “Yes” to the message displayed.

Step 9. (Information)

It will automatically detect your location. This location is set to United States by default when you register your uFlix account. You can change your region in your uFlix control panel at any time. You will need to follow these steps again if you wish to use United Kingdom as your location. Setting your location allows apps to be used in your WDTV Live player.

Step 10.

Restart your device.

Step 11.

Go to “Services”.

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